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We are the Wilcher Family, and we are called by God to go to the country of Canada to plant churches and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are BBFI Missionaries, and are endorsed by the Baptist Church Ministries Network. We pray that you would consider us in being your missionaries to the people of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  


Our vision for missions is one that is Biblical. We want to see God glorified! God is glorified in many ways, but here are a few our ministry will be targeting:



-Souls to trust Christ as Savior.

-New believers to be baptized.

-Discipling new believers.

-Starting churches.

-Training the next Christian leaders to step forward in their local church.


Our main goal is to see God glorified. In this process, churches need to be started. We are church planters to Ontario, Canada. Starting churches wherever the Lord leads.


The community we will be reaching specifically is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Canada alone has been a country forgotten concerning the gospel and missions due to the fact that it is a first world country, and is next to the United States of America. We believe like any other field, that Canada is ripe for the harvest. Canada is in desperate need of the gospel. Many are splitting the gates of Hell wide open from this country, and this is an act that needs to cease. 

Meet Our Family!


The Wilcher's

Corey (Father)

Cora (Mother)

Elainia (Daughter)

Eleanor (Daughter)


Corey & Cora Wilcher

Corey and Cora Wilcher met one another in the year 2017. In December 2018, they got married and began serving the Lord together in their local church.

Both Corey and Cora have the burden to reach Ontario, Canada and plant churches in Toronto. This burden began at a missions conference in their church in the year 2021 where they both surrendered to missions. 

Corey has received his Associates Degree in Business Administration at Southern State Community College, as well as his Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies at Louisiana Baptist University, and his Missions Degree at the same university. Cora has received her Missions Degree at Louisiana Baptist University. 



Elainia Bea

Eleanor Dru

Elainia Bea was born September 23rd, 2020 at Anderson Mercy Hospital. Elainia Bea enjoys being the hyper one of the Wilcher Family and is always making new friends. She enjoys watching movies and tv shows, playing with her toys, dancing, and anything that involves her parents becoming physically exhausted in 10 minutes!

Eleanor Dru was born February 14th, 2022 at Anderson Mercy Hospital. Eleanor is the Wilcher Families newest addition, and although she is very shy and calm, she does enjoy walking around, baby dolls, Bluey, and food in general!

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